Upcoming Bank Webinar: Integrating Business Continuity Management into Enterprise Risk Management

Learn how to switch perspectives from having a Business Continuity Plan to an ongoing Business Continuity Management (BCM) system and how to integrate it into your Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program.

Join Marcia Malzahn for her upcoming webinar for banks, "Integrating Your Business Continuity Management into Your Enterprise Risk Management Program" on July 28th. Presenting with ICBA.

Topics will include:
- The difference and relationship between the BCP and the BCM
The BCM Cycle.
- The BCM Governance and Responsibilities of Senior Management and Board.
- How BCM fits in within the ERM umbrella.
- What does “Resilience of Operations” mean and how do you become resilient?
- Business Continuity Strategies.
- The role of Third-Party Service Providers (Vendor Management)
Incidence Response for the various types of incidents.
- The importance of testing and what to do with the results.
- What to expect from an examination.

Register here: https://www.icba.org/all-products/product-details/integrating-your-business-continuity-management-into-your-enterprise-risk-management-program

Hope to see you there!

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