Unveiling the Hidden Surprise in this Game Changing Socket

Introducing MK Connected Power: the ultimate electrical socket that revolutionizes energy management. Now, energy managers and building owners can effortlessly monitor and control the power consumption of plug-in loads. But that's not all! This innovative socket also detects electrical faults and identifies maintenance issues. And the best part? It seamlessly integrates into a full building management system.

Get ready for a whole new level of power control and energy saving.

00:00 Is this worlds smartest electrical socket?
00:39 What's inside?
01:18 Plug in appliances within commercial buildings
01:48 How do they work?
02:20 Applications and use cases
03:20 Power measurements and limiting
04:01 Appliance overheating
04:45 Scheduling
05:43 Limiting inrush currents
06:10 Set-up with Connected Power App
06:43 Electricians will love this feature
07:10 Business opportunity for electricians

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