Unleashing the Power of IoT and MQTT in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

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About this Webinar: IoT technology is enabling Transportation organizations to build smarter fleet management systems that improve fleet optimization, driver safety, and fuel efficiency. Drones are also changing the way goods are transported, providing new modes of transportation. However, the challenge lies in providing real-time directional messaging and connectivity as vehicles move through unreliable cellular networks, leading to dropped connections and significant network latency.

This is where MQTT technology comes into play. Watch this webinar recording and learn how MQTT can:

- Integrate bi-directional data flow with other enterprise systems for scheduling, dashboards, and supply chain systems.
- Help maintain a persistent always-on connection between vehicles and the cloud
- Guarantee reliable data delivery, enable secure non-addressable clients to prevent cyber-attacks

***** Contents of the Webinar *****
00:00 – Introduction
03:30 – Trends and Challenges in Transportation and Logistics Industry
07:22 – Power of Smart Transportation through industry 4.0, IIoT & AI
09:18 – Key Transportation Use Cases for IoT
15:32 – Addressing Data Connectivity and Availability in Transportation
22:11 – How MQTT-Based Broker can help
26:28 – Digital Reference Architecture
44:41 – Q&A

***** Resources *****
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A Whitepaper: Digital Transformation in Transportation and Logistics – https://bit.ly/3IScbuW
HiveMQ SWM Customer Success Story: https://bit.ly/45Svtui
Try or evaluate HiveMQ – https://bit.ly/3oEhlnu

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