Unleashing Greatness in the Workplace with Frances Frei, Professor at Harvard Business School

Unleashing Greatness in the Workplace with Frances Frei, Professor at Harvard Business School

Our latest webcast guest advises senior executives on organizational and cultural changes and has transformed companies including Uber and WeWork into healthy, inclusive spaces.

Willy was joined by Frances Frei, Professor of Technology and Operations Management at Harvard Business School. They discussed secrets to creating organizational excellence, the key to successful leadership, concepts from her new book, Move Fast and Fix Things: The Trusted Leader’s Guide to Solving Hard Problems and Accelerating Change, the importance of inclusion in the workplace, and much more.

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Key Points In The Webcast:
00:51 Willy welcomes Frances Frei
02:50 Frances’ family and education
08:31 How to reliably delight customers
10:30 Being good at being “bad” in service
14:13 Customer-centric can be counterintuitive
18:41 Burning buildings the right way
22:21 Leaving academia for operations
26:21 Repairing a broken business culture
29:52 Hyper Growth to sustainability
35:42 Proactively catching “wobbles”
38:21 Put empathy front and center
41:58 People hold back a company’s success
46:10 Positive reinforcement vs. critical thinking
49:06 Why is Bridgewater successful?
50:29 Empowerment, high standards, and devotion
54:40 The need for inclusion in diversity
56:13 Strategy out, culture in
58:30 Married with intention

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