Universal Need for Management | Sustainability | Challenges Being a Manager

Management is universal in the following sense : First, managerial skills are transferable from one person to another. Secondly, management skills can be transferred from one organization to another. Thirdly, managerial skills can be imported and exported from one country to another.

The universality of management is the concept that all managers do the same job regardless of the title, position, or management level: they all execute the five management functions and work through and with others to achieve organizational goals.

Irrespective of differences in the types of organization, objectives, goals, philosophies, and culture; management is a universal process. ... The concept of universality implies that management and activities are transferable from one organization to another

According to Peter Drucker, the skills, competence, and experience of management cannot as such be transferred and applied to every type of institution. Only analytical and administrative types of skills and abilities can be transferred. Thus, management principles cannot be applied universally.

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