Unit-4 Culture |Types|-Culture and Society-|Sociology| | Business Management | Lecture-6 (Part-1)

This video series is an educational video for Business Sociology. It is part of a series related to University of Punjab content. We are starting at the start of the textbook with the fundamental Sociology problems.

You can Also Visit the following IGCSE Courses in Sociology and Economics.

Topics covered in this series will be for Sociology (0495)
Paper 1
Unit 1: Theory and Methods (https://youtu.be/N5WVUOr0r7g), (https://youtu.be/gnYg1RaEm3g),
Unit 2: Culture, identity and Socialisation
Unit 3: Social Inequality

Paper 2
Unit 4: Family
Unit 5: Education
Unit 6: Crime, deviance and social control
Unit 7: Media

Topics covered in this series will be for Economics (0455)
Unit 1: The Basic Economic Problem (https://youtu.be/psjnZS6BA2E), (https://youtu.be/lYkJQSkjY1A), (https://youtu.be/7c91ghbVgz8) , (https://youtu.be/x60ISpV0KDc), (https://youtu.be/1iJQWXtLU4M)
Unit 2: The allocation of Resources (https://youtu.be/M7CWpP8XDjs)
Unit 3: Microeconomic Decision Makers
Unit 4: Government and the Macroeconomy
Unit 5: Economic Development
Unit 6: International Trade and Globalisation

Crash course series of sociology for IGCSE has covered following topics
1. What is Sociology (https://youtu.be/mjHZ8z94lyA)
2. Structuralism Vs Interpretivism (https://youtu.be/9TTebVMfo6E)
3. What is Social Order (https://youtu.be/_2eecezMz_4)
4. Social Insitutions and their types (https://youtu.be/2Vliwqm2aPs)

Topics Has been covered So Far in Crash Course series of AS-ALevel
1. Introduction to Sociology (https://youtu.be/sOZnvzX4URU)
2. What is Structuralism (https://youtu.be/P7FCZpQEvak)
3. What is Interpretivism (https://youtu.be/4F1dB_SCCQo)
4. Perspectives on Social Order (https://youtu.be/BR7DRsor-3o)
5. What are Social Institutions (https://youtu.be/avgDLt3pt1I)
6. Types Of Social Control Agencies (https://youtu.be/c6ywcpcKjHE)
7. Control Of Social Agencies (https://youtu.be/0TGPRm6dCPQ)
8. Determination Vs Free Will (https://youtu.be/uAc6RJ3XOP0)
9. What are Structuralism Approaches Part-A (https://youtu.be/gx9q6C_WO_U)
10. Consensus & Conflict Approaches Part-B (https://youtu.be/KLeuZh_5vE8)
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