Unifying SaaS Security Architecture: IAM, Access Control, and Data Governance

In most companies, SaaS security is spread out across three separate silos. SSO products manage identities, CASBs perform discovery, and DLPs are used for data governance. This siloed approach prevents companies from implementing a unified SaaS security architecture that improves worker productivity and reduces security team workload. One example–SSO may be great for sanctioned applications, but they are not useful for non-sanctioned applications, which are discovered by CASBs.

This session will focus on how companies can implement a unified SaaS security architecture. The approach will define the key elements of enterprise SaaS security and how companies can apply identity and access management data for access control and data governance. This unified SaaS security architecture will help security professionals assess their current SaaS security programs, understand the gaps, and identify the right approaches to address any shortfalls.

About the Speaker
Lior is the CEO and Co-Founder of Grip Security, one of the fastest-growing SaaS security startups today. He is a multidisciplinary techie with an entrepreneurial background. His security career started as an Officer at the Israeli Intelligence 8200 Unit after which he became an expert at automotive security through his work at Cymotive and his own consulting firm Imperium Security. Later, Lior joined YL Ventures, a world-leading security investor, as CTO, where he was responsible for assessing investment opportunities and providing value-add for YL’s portfolio companies.

Lior holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and is an international speaker, responsible for both lectures and security training for Hack In The Box GSEC, Israel Cyber Week, DeepSec, and more.

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