Unifi Access Install + UID Review! (2023 Enterprise Door Access System)

Everything you could possibly need or want to know about Ubiquiti's Unifi Door Access solution for more than 50 users and then some.

In this video, we take a look at the Unifi Access Door Access System in our 50+ user Office Building. We jump into using UID and Access to manage 50+ users and what its like to use it on a day to day basis. This is a great system for businesses and organizations that are looking for an efficient and secure way to manage access to their facilities. The system is easy to install and use, and it provides a high level of security for your property. We review using Access Lock Magnetic (Magnetic Door Lock) and Access Lock Electric (Electric Door Strike) to control access to your building

Unifi Access Starter Kit: https://store.ui.com/products/unifi-access-starter-kit
Bosch Motion Sensor: https://geni.us/bhfb
Magnet Lock: https://geni.us/LoRK1lQ
Speaker Wire: https://geni.us/vaT7Fv5
Cat6: https://geni.us/YH3unh

0:00 Unifi Access Starter Kit
0:23 Existing Infrastructure
0:44 Things you need for install
1:10 Troubleshooting
1:45 Mounting the AU Pro
2:04 Things to note for install
2:49 UID software
3:39 Importing users from O365 and GSuite
3:53 Importing users via .CSV file
4:19 Users
5:13 Door Access software
5:36 Events
5:55 Camera quality
6:34 Page layout
6:54 NFC cards
7:47 NFC card issues
8:29 Assigning cards to users
9:10 Doors
9:45 Guards
10:13 Device settings
11:01 Device activities
11:26 Adding and removing guards
11:47 Setting policies
12:33 Editing policies
13:16 Schedules
14:15 Visitors
16:11 Activity logging
18:04 Video captures
18:47 User entry options
20:13 Mobile app for guards
21:44 Who is this system for?
22:45 Who is this system NOT for?
23:33 Room for improvement
24:16 Managing user turnover
24:43 Onboarding
25:10 Ubiquiti stock issues
25:24 Making your life easier
26:49 Is this system a good value?

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