Understanding the Needs of Your Site and Reach (River Access Planning Series #1 of 2)

In this webinar, participants are introduced to and practice using the newly developed worksheets that accompany Steps 1 and 2 of the River Access Planning Guide. At the completion of the seminar, participants will have the knowledge and skills to capture all the primarily pertinent assumptions and influences necessary to begin an access site design for their own river sites, with thoughtful, thorough consideration for reaches between sites.

Tom O'Keefe, Pacific Northwest Stewardship Director, American Whitewater
Ashley Newson, Community Planner, Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program, National Park Service
Betsy Byrne, Landscape Architect, Rivers, Trails, & Conservation Assistance Program, National Park Service
Doug Whittaker, Researcher and Planner, Confluence Research and Consulting

- Presenter Information: https://rms.memberclicks.net/assets/Training/PDFs/Presenter%20Info%20-%20Understanding%20the%20Needs%20of%20Your%20Site%20and%20Reach.pdf
- Tom O'Keefe's Slides: https://rms.memberclicks.net/assets/Training/PDFs/RAP-2822-TO.pdf
- Ashley Newson's Slides: https://rms.memberclicks.net/assets/Training/PDFs/RAP-2822-AN.pdf
- Betsy Byrne's Slides: https://rms.memberclicks.net/assets/Training/PDFs/RAP-2822-BB.pdf
- Doug Whittaker's Slides: https://rms.memberclicks.net/assets/Training/PDFs/RAP-2822-DW.pdf
- Potential Site Analysis Field Worksheet: https://rms.memberclicks.net/assets/Training/PDFs/RAPG%20Potential%20Site%20Analysis%20Field%20Worksheet_1-4-2022.pdf
- Reach Analysis Field Worksheet: https://rms.memberclicks.net/assets/Training/PDFs/RAPG%20Reach%20Analysis%20Field%20Worksheet_1-4-2022.pdf
- River Access Planning Guide: https://www.river-management.org/river-access-planning-guide
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