Understanding The Data You Have Before Applying A Governance Strategy

DataVersity Hosted
Data Governance is a challenge in today’s world with massive amounts of data being created, duplicated, and stored. How can a company know they are making the best decisions about their data without truly understanding what they have? In this session, Darryl will walk you through a customer use case and explain the importance of truly knowing your data before applying a governance strategy.

You’ll walk away knowing how to
- Find your most sensitive data, and protect it
- Classify your massive unstructured data repositories, and manage it
- Identify ROT (Redundant/Obsolete/Trivial) and remove it
- Learn from your data to make data-driven decisions

Knowing your data puts you in the driver’s seat to make decisions that will allow you to be proactive against cyber threats, reduce costs from hardware to energy, and even reduce your data footprint.
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