Understanding The (Cyber) Insurance Business

We see so much of what is said about cyber insurance in the OT community to be wrong. To address this S4 asked Monica Tigleanu of Munich Re to help us all understand the basics.

4:50 The beginning of insurance.
6:10 The rise of cyber insurance and where it fits in the insurance tree structure (casualty, speciality)
11:10 How big is the cyber insurance market?
13:15 How do insurance companies make money and who are the players? (BTW, search Warren Buffet insurance float for how powerful this can be)
17:45 How do insurance companies price their policies? And the rate changes in recent years.
21:45 Biggest impact to "improvement" in cyber insurance is better underwriting due to understanding risk, leading to many non-renewals.
24:00 Underwriters look at the 'character' of the organization.
25:00 The danger to insurers of systemic loss, and how they deal with this (reserving and reinsurance) and what an uninsurable risk is.
30:10 Opportunities to improve cyber insurance. 1. simplify and certainty in coverage and 2. better information
32:30 What is currently happening in the cyber insurance market.
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