Understanding Docker Compose Docker Swarm And Docker Service

This video is the last in this docker tutorial. After understanding all the concepts of this video, you will have complete understanding of the docker fundamentals, which will help you in the future to understand advanced topics in docker.

1. This video all the concepts related to docker compose where we will understand about creating images and containers using a docker-compose YAML file which will include different instructions to create and manage containers.
2. Then we will have a look at the concept of docker swarm, where we will understand about the docker swarm architecture and how manager and worker nodes are working together to form a cluster. Along with that docker swarm service architecture is explained with each component.
3. In docker swarm we will be creating manager and worker nodes and see how they are linked with each other to form a cluster. We will explore different commands in this section.
4. Finally we will have a look at docker service where we will be creating a service using which we will create containers and then we will see how the docker service handles the container lifecycle automatically. We will also see how we can scale up and scale down containers using the docker service scale command

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