ULTIMATE Beginners Guide - The Witcher 3 (2022)

The ULTIMATE Witcher 3 Beginners Guide ✅ For New Players in 2022 ✅ Tips and Tricks for Beginners ✅ All the key systems and important fundamentals explained in depth ✅

This Ultimate Beginners Guide for The Witcher 3 has been specifically tailored to help new players understand all the important fundamentals in the game. Once you fully understand how all the base systems function and co-relate, your enjoyment and immersion of the game will increase dramatically.

Before watching this video, its best to fist play the game for several hours so you become familiar with the general layout of the menus, HUD and inventory management, as well as the basic mechanics of combat and abilities. This way, when watching the video, you’ll relate to all the screens, descriptions and demonstrations being presented.
Hope you enjoy!

01:00 – Story and Character Progression
02:40 – Notice Boards and Question Marks Explained
03:34 - Places of Interest Explained
04:46 – The Six Types of Merchant Explained (Armorers, Blacksmiths, Alchemists, Herbalists, Innkeepers, Shopkeepers)
08:18 – Inventory Screen and Inventory Weight Explained
09:30 – Level, Experience and Ability Points Explained
11:08 – Steel Sword, Silver Sword and Armor Pieces Explained
12:53 – The Six Witcher Gear Sets Explained
13:00 – Cat (Feline) School Witcher Gear Explained
14:09 – Bear (Ursine) School Witcher Gear Explained
15:29 – Griffin School Witcher Gear Explained
16:33 – Stamina Explained
18:10 – All Five Signs Explained (Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen, Axii)
21:48 – Wolven (Wolf) School Witcher Gear Explained
22:48 – Manticore School Witcher Gear Explained
23:39 – Viper School Witcher Gear Explained
25:00 – How to Reset all Ability Points for Re-distribution (Potion of Clearance)
25:25 – Sockets, Runestones and Glyphs (Upgrades) Explained
29:43 – Crossbow Explained
30:54 – Four Quick-Use Consumable Slots Explained
32:38 – Chart Showing All 16 Potions in the Game and the Most Common Ones Used
33:07 – Chart Showing All 28 Decoctions in the Game
34:04 – Two Quick-Use Bomb Slots Explained
35:27 – Alchemy Formulas and items Explained
37:30 – Two Quick-Use Pocket Slots Explained
38:44 – Four Roach (Horse) Equipment Slots Explained (Trophy, Saddle, Saddlebags, Blinders)
44:33 – The Crafting & Alchemy Inventory Panels Explained
46:00 – The Quest Items & Other Items Inventory Panels Explained
47:46 - The Food and Drink & Roach (Horse) Inventory Panels Explained
48:55 – The Blade Oils, Potions and Decoctions & Bombs Inventory Panels Explained
50:58 – The Weapons & Armor Inventory Panels Explained
51:49 – The Six Stash / Storage Locations
52:41 – How to Craft your own Weapon and Armor Repair Kits
53:18 – Player Statistics Information Overlay Screen Explained

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