UI Sports SalesCast Ep. 3 - Kyle McGuire, The Ohio State University

In Episode 3 of the UI Sports SalesCast, Charlie Taylor of the UI SRM program interviews Kyle McGuire, Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service at Ohio State University with Learfield Amplify. The former GM of Hawkeye Ticket Solutions, Kyle now leads the Buckeyes ticketing effort. Kyle and Charlie talk about organizations having a year-round selling mentality, management styles, how to handle objections and rejections, and what Kyle looks for when hiring.

00:00 Intro
01:52 You never stop selling at The Ohio State University
05:39 Kyle's management style and managing the sales process
09:20 Expectation management
10:36 Handling objections and rejection
15:47 Kyle's advice for getting the job
17:54 What Kyle is looking for when hiring
21:27 The last word

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