UCT Public Sector Audit and Governance Online Short Course | Trailer

Watch this trailer for the Public Sector Audit and Governance online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Over 12 weeks, you’ll explore the core concepts underpinning audit processes and corporate governance in the South African public sector. You’ll gain an up-to-date understanding of key legislation, frameworks, and codes (including those of the INTOSAI and IRBA) impacting auditors in this space, and learn to apply ethical principles to real-life scenarios, covering pre-engagement, planning, risk response, and reporting. Walk away with the skills to compile accurate audit reports for a public sector entity, and a decision-making toolkit for promoting good governance and accountability from either a public-sector or private-sector role.

Visit the course page for more information: https://www.getsmarter.com/products/uct-public-sector-audit-and-governance-online-short-course


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