UBC Courses on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs | August 30, 2022 Info Session

Learn about our business-oriented blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT courses and programs offered at UBC Extended Learning. https://bit.ly/3dBY2W1

Hear from instructor Jarrett Vaughan and our program team talk about our foundational part-time courses that give you a holistic, un unbiased perspective on blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT. Learn with industry experts, build your network, and access curated and research-backed resources. Find out how you can apply your learning to identify opportunities for your organization or for your personal endeavours.

0:00 Introduction
6:50 Program Highlights - Micro-certificate in Blockchain
9:02 Course Highlights - Cryptocurrency Foundations & NFT Essentials
10:16 Curriculum
24:30 Q&A

#blockchain #cryptocurrency #nft


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