UA Dream 65 Reverb Amp Pedal | Full in Depth Review

The UAD Dream 65 Reverb 'Amp' pedal by Universal Audio brings a new level of amp simulation. Find out the reality... UAFX...


0:00 start
00:12 Intro and preamble
1:09 Unboxing the pedal
2:28 Initial overview
4:15 Inside the Dream 65
7:22 Main board close-up
8:42 The control board
10:10 Quality conclusions
12:50 Processors in depth
13:37 Main processor
18:10 PCA9450 Power chip
20:40 eMMC16G29 flash memory
23:33 STM32F072X8 Arm processing
25:19 Cirrus CS4272 stereo codec
28:03 The Bluetooth SoC
29:47 Technology conclusions
31:26 The Manual
32:31 Controls
35:33 I/O close up
36:55 Power supply
39:55 4 cable MODE!
43:40 Switch modes
44:00 IR/speakers and cabs
48:02 The Mod switch
50:07 Tone short cuts
51:07 Control maps and recall sheets
52:00 UAFX control app
53:28 Mobile app
57:26 General comments
59:21 Warranty
1:00:13 Pricing
1:01:22 Summing up Conclusions
1:07:28 Telecaster playing
1:11:42 Stratocaster alone
1:12:44 Strat blues playing

When the Universal Audio company created the Dream 65 Reverb 'amp' that should replicate a Fender Reverb of 1965 vintage I was a little surprised that UAD were creating it, having known the brand for studio equipment really. So I was intrigued as to whether the device really could replace one of the worlds best tube amplifiers in a sort of 6x4 alloy box?

Now Universal Audio are known for quality, so with some trepidation I bought one from GAK (a UK music dealer) and decided to look close, really close. In fact after a look around the internet I could not believe that there were few (if any) reviews that did anything except just play the device. Let's face it, we KNOW how it should sound... right? No one mentioned hardly anything in their so called 'reviews'.

So, I decided to create the ultimate review so anyone can see the overall quality, the way to use it themselves, the I/O the warranty, the manual, the apps for using it and so much more. This video is the result of a solid weeks work to produce.

I then go on to play the pedal towards the end of the video review and it sounded to me VERY similar to the real deal Fender amp, but of course its lighter, more flexible and indeed costs probably eight or ten times less... what's not to like?

Find out in this review EXACTLY what I think - a paying customer, and would I buy again? Is this 'amp' really good enough to be called a 65 reverb? All the answers are here, including the processors and so much more.

I have spent considerable time creating this video and there is nothing in this video that is in ANY WAY sponsored - this is entirely my own work and is a completely truthful independent review - so check it out and don't just watch the sales videos from others!

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