Types Of Tourist Attractions | The 4 Major Types of Visitor Attractions Around The World + Examples!

There are 4 major types of tourist attractions found around the world: natural attractions, man-made attractions, sport attractions and events. Tourist attractions are a key component of the travel and tourism industry and can bring in lots of business to tourist areas. In this video I tell you what the 4 major types of tourist attractions are and I will give you lots of examples of tourist attractions that fall within each category. This video will not only teach you more about the different types of tourist attractions, but it will also give you lots of travel inspiration!

Time stamps-

00:00 Types of tourist attractions
00:48 What is a tourist attraction?
02:19 What is the purpose of a tourist attraction?
02:57 Natural attractions
08:35 Man-made attractions
12:43 Sport attractions
14:14 Events

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