Types Of Pushing FAST PUSHING - Wave Management Part 2.2

Explaining on detail When to Push Waves and how (fast push/slow push). I had a lot of issues with the video editing software and internet so i had to split the video in 2 parts to upload it, i apologize.

I forgot to show on the screen the digits of the calculation in the fast pushing part when I'm explaining the punish, i'm sorry!

A Kill is 300 G aprox (not counting shutdowns or anything else)

You got 150G from minion wave so 160G from plate that is: 150+160= 310 Gold

Supposing your opponent got a kill you still ahead 10 Gold because you punished your opponent who is roaming, if you don’t use fast pushing to punish your opponent he will get the kill worth of 300G so the wave worth of 150G so he would have 450G (140G more than you).
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