Types of LinkedIn Ads format/ LinkedIn Campaign manager? LinkedIn Advertising (part 3)

LinkedIn ad formats
To help meet your ad objectives, LinkedIn has 10 different ad formats to choose from.
This section will break down each ad format and explain what goals each ad can help you achieve. We’ll also share LinkedIn ad examples and ad specs.

Carousel ads
LinkedIn carousel ads use a swappable row of cards to tell your brand’s story, showcase products, or share insights. The key here is to use strong visuals to keep your readers swiping to learn more.

Conversation ads
Conversation ads offer a choose-your-own-path experience for audiences (think of those choose-your-own adventure books but for advertising).
Once you start a conversation, your audience can select a response that speaks most to them. This type of ad lets you showcase products and services while also encouraging event or webinar signups.

Follower ads
Follower ads are a type of dynamic ad personalized to your audience. These ads promote your LinkedIn Page to others in hopes that they’ll hit that follow button

Spotlight ads
Spotlight ads shine a light on your products, services, content and more. When members click on the ad, they’re immediately directed to your landing page or website.

Job ads
LinkedIn job ads, also called Work With Us ads, boast up to 50x higher clickthrough rates than your average recruitment ad. That’s likely because these LinkedIn ads leverage employee networks and block the ability for other competitors to have their ads show up on your employees’ profiles.

Lead gen forms
Lead gen forms, short for lead generation forms, are available for message ads and sponsored content, can help you discover more qualified leads.

Message ads
More than 1 in 2 prospects open up a message ad, making this format very appealing to advertisers,
This type of ad lets you send a direct message to your audiences’ inbox, complete with a CTA.

Single image ads
Single image ads appear on LinkedIn’s home page and look like regular content posts, except that they’re paid for and will specifically be noted as “promoted” to distinguish from other unpaid content. These ads only include one image.

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