Types of drawings used in construction|types of civil engineering drawings|Civil Engineering Drawing

In this the detail about Types of drawings used in construction,types of civil engineering drawings and Civil Engineering Drawing will be discussed in detail.
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What are types of Civil Engineering Drawings?
What are the drawings used in construction?
What is proposed drawing?
What is Submission Drawing?
What is Site plan?
What is Location Plan?
What is Architectural drawing?
What is Structural Drawing?
What is as build drawing?
What is completion drawing?
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Types of drawings used in construction
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Types of drawings used in construction
types of civil engineering drawings
Civil Engineering Drawing
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00:00 Importance of Civil Engineering Drawings
01:20 What is Proposed Drawing?
02:54 What is Submission Drawing?
04:00 What is Site Plan?
05:02 What is Location Plan?
06:21 What details are provided in Submission Drawings?
08:01 What is Working Drawing?
08:31 What is architectural Drawing?
10:46 What is completion drawing?
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