Tyler Cowen on Big Business

Tyler Cowen, professor of economics, blogger at marginalrevolution.com, columnist for Bloomberg, host of Conversations with Tyler and author of numerous books returns to the Not Unreasonable Podcast to talk about his latest book, Big Business: a Love Letter to An American Anti-Hero.

All too rarely do you get a tour of how incredibly strong the evidence is that everyday truths are what they are: big business actually exists for a reason because it mostly does exactly what we need: provide goods and services at affordable prices with reasonably good service. What's more is that big business is the source of all kinds of benefits to America and to human society generally. It's even better than you think! In the show we cover:
- where businesses fit into the social intuition of the human mind
- similarities between how we treat famous people and big business and what another of Tyler's books, *What Price Fame* can teach us about big business
- What is good management and what effects does management have on employees?
- How the book is an American book and how it is NOT a Chinese book
- Crony capitalism doesn't exist here, but where might it exist in the world?
- Wall Street and Financial Dark Matter
- How Tyler views the firm

Show Notes:
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