Turfgrass Management Certificate at OSU


The job opportunities related to turfgrass are endless.

Once you master the skills in this online Turfgrass Management Certificate, you can work worldwide in countless positions.

People typically want to learn how to use pesticides to control pests, weeds, and insects, when they should be wondering what was the root cause of that issue.

However, that can feel overwhelming when you're trying to identify turf grass, weeds, diseases, and insects, and trying to calibrate just how much seed and just how much fertilizer their law needs.

So, this online Turfgrass Management Certificate program teaches the full spectrum of basic turf grass management skills and mowing all the way up to doing pesticide and fertilizer calculations.

This program tries to break down the whole process so you can manage turfgrass to make it healthier and more successful in the environment. This will allow you to produce a turfgrass that needs fewer herbicides and pesticides and is more sustainable.

This online program from OSU is for people looking to improve their position, and to gain additional skills and licensing requirements that would give them more responsibilities at their current jobs.

The extra knowledge and expertise you gain can help propel you to more job opportunities and an improvement in salary.

This program contains the following courses:
* Introduction to Turfgrass Management
*Introduction to Golf Course Management
*Pesticide Applicator Education and Safety
*Irrigation and Drainage
*Cool-Season Turfgrass Diseases and Suppression Using Fungicides
*Turfgrass Mathematics
*Turfgrass Insects and Weed Management

In short, this program will teach you how to identify grass plants, how to get grass to fill in bare areas, how to fertilize it, how to water it, how to control pests, how to identify weeds, diseases, and insects.

Anyone in Northern climates would find this information beneficial, but it's specifically developed for people managing turf grass in the Northern half of the United States, Canada, Europe, and countries. And within that, folks in the Western United States. So if you work in a Western state, this is the ideal program for you to accelerate to the next level.

One of the great things about this turfgrass management program is that it's taught by expert instructors and utilizes user-friendly software.

As we move into the future of turfgrass, we feel like people coming from this program will be very well-educated and the program is constantly updated to reflect the latest best practices.

So, you'll be prepared as we move into the 21st century in turf grass management.

This is a field where you can have a successful career in a number of different avenues like - research, maintenance, landscaping, sports fields, golf courses, and parks departments.

Turfgrass management is an excellent career path. There are plenty of opportunities for you to move up to higher-paying positions.

You may feel like you're stuck in a low-level job. And if you want to improve your education, learn how to be a total boss in turf grass management. This is the program you.
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