TT 10: Landscape Approaches for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Co-benefits

IPBES-IPCC co-sponsored a workshop report that highlighted the interdependence of biodiversity and climate change, aiming to inform negotiations at this year’s COP meetings. Among several important messages from the workshop report, two were highly relevant to the “socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes” (SEPLS) that the Satoyama Initiative promotes across the world: 1) “Locally motivated biodiversity conservation actions can be incentivized, guided and prioritized by global objectives and targets” (paragraph 27), and 2) “Multi-actor and multi-scale governance are appropriate approaches to the management of multifunctional ‘scapes’ at different scales.” (paragraph 38). Moreover, the report highlights ecosystem restoration, which is promoted in the current UN Decade as one of the key actions to enhance biodiversity and climate co-benefits. With this backdrop, the session brings together speakers with hands-on experiences from SEPLS across the world, and explores transformative actions for biodiversity, climate and sustainable development co-benefits that we should focus on in “the decisive decade for sustainability”. This session thus starts with a keynote and framing presentations on the biodiversity-climate nexus in SEPLS, which will be followed by the presentation of two case studies and a panel discussion.
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