TRG Royal Daily Dose| Perception is "SURREALITY"

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Please be respectful to one another. I DO NOT encourage anyone threatening or harassing others on or off this space.
Unless I EXPLICITLY say something is fact in any citizen journalist reporting, everything should be viewed as MY EDUCATED OPINION that is based on qualified research, judgement, and analysis, education, and personal life experience.
Everything I state or create is in good faith, and good will. There is no intention to deceive or mislead anyone under any false pretenses.
Unless created as original art work using my artistic expression from my brain, any third party references that are incorporated into content are from the public domain. All 3rd party information referenced, are for illustrative purposes, are NOT for malicious intent.
Any material used from the Public domain follows Fair Use Guidelines and applicable laws. The information can be used for Illustrative, educational and/or transformative purposes.
This content is strictly for education and entertainment. I encourage others to do research to come to own opinion.
The art I create and any opinions shared in this space, are protected under my right to express peacefully and aligned with YouTube policy guidelines.
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