" Treasury Risk. Risk Management for UCBs.Part 8

Dear Cooperative Bankers.

The subject of "Risk Management" in UCBs appears difficult ,if not impossible, to execute.
Even large UCBs find it complex due to flaws in thought process of ucbians even if these UCBians are good risk managers but lack proper documentation on Risk management and allied needs and practices. Appropriate Risk practices is the foundation of Good Governance. Hence irrespective of size ucbs need to adopt best risk practices.
I intend to share my views on the entire subject in roughly 10 weeks time thereby equiping all ucbs to prepare and implement risk organisation, structure, practices and philosophies with clarity of thoughts.
Today’s video is about "Treasury Risk .Risk Management for UCBs Part 8".

This video is in English and posted under the series "My Views" on YouTube .

This video is on " Treasury Risk. Risk Management for UCBs.Part 8"

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