Transforming Health & Safety Sensor Data into Information and Action: Heat Stress/Strain

A recording of a webinar held July 25, 2023, by the NIOSH Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies. The webinar features three speakers and a round table discussion at the end. Topic: heat stress and heat strain – a common occupational hazard in environments like mining, construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas extraction. Some occupational health and safety professionals may need to regularly address heat stress in the workplace and monitor symptoms of heat strain among workers. The Center promotes the knowledgeable adoption of advanced monitoring methodologies to prioritize workers’ occupational health, safety, and wellbeing. Advanced monitoring technologies generate large quantities of data at a high velocity, from different sources and of varying quality. These different aspects of the data require professionals to engage in transforming sensor data into usable information, knowledge, and decision making to achieve the best value in health and safety. Audience: Professionals working in industrial and occupational hygiene and health and safety. For more on the Center’s work: Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies | NIOSH | CDC

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