Transforming companies & instilling a product mindset (with Dave Martin)

Dave is a product leader with a strong history of transforming companies into effective product-focused organisations. Most recently, he's co-founder of consultancy Right to Left, where he takes some of his past learnings and pays them forward to the next generation of product-hungry companies.

We speak about a lot, including:

How he works with early to mid stage companies to transform them
The Product Management Health Check
How Product Managers must not be seen as mere requirements gatherers
The difference between different types of Product Manager, even within successful organisations
The challenges of moving from product management into product leadership
The importance of evidence in decision making

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The Product Management Healthcheck is a questionnaire that will help to identify your key strengths and areas for development. Balance in a PM career is so important... I'm far from the only person to think this but I did write a Medium article on the same subject.
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