Transformative Approaches to Smart City Governance

Practices of cross-sectoral collaborations are displaying promising results in how smart city can be steered in a direction where pressing societal and environmental issues can be potentially addressed in more nuanced, equitable and locally specific ways. While corporate players are building the digital foundations of a primarily market-driven form of “smart urbanism”, other actors are trying to bend it towards a more participatory and co-creative direction. Concepts like “open-source ecologies” or “digital urban commoning” have started to enrich the technological narratives of the smart city.

In this session we explored models of smart city governance from two vantage points - technological potentials and social innovation. Alois Paulin and Ian Banerjee inspired us to jam and dance in the smart city by opening up a new spectrum between social innovation, physical spaces, digital infrastructures and coding capacities - for all. We are looking forward to building on that for the developments of new Smart City strategies.
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