Trailblazer 11 | Elisabeth Brinton | Energy Visionary & Change Agent

This week our trailblazer is the Executive Vice President of Renewables and Energy Solutions at Shell, Elisabeth Brinton.

A self professed tree-hugger, provocateur and change agent, our conversation connects an incredible array of dots across capital, storage, technology, policy, innovation and partnerships. And the thing I love most about Elisabeth is that she always anchors to the end solution: a just energy transition.

Elisabeth passionately encourages us all to use this moment in time to bring everyone along on the journey. We’re here to fuel a new energy conversation and it starts with you.

00:00 How did Elisabeth Brinton, a technology change agent, wind up in energy
05:15 Driving large scale change at Shell
12:00 The importance of renewables having a sound business model and shareholder value
13:15 Innovation and nimble startups - empowering entrepreneurs
17:00 The opportunity for Shell to be a platform for change
23:30 Recharging as a trailblazing leader
25:50 Leaning into tough conversations
30:00 Risks and blindspots for companies in the energy transition
32:00 Financial frameworks for new energy models
34:00 New technology
37:00 Inspiration and cross-pollination as a leader
46:00 Cop 26 and the need for systems thinking
48:00 The tension between public policy and commerce in the energy transition
56:00 ESG around the boardroom table is everyone’s responsibility
59:00 Jobs in energy for the future
1:03:00 Sustainable finance
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