Trade Management Skills : High Risk Reward Ratio Taking Skills || Key Skills of Professional Traders

Trade management is very important tool during trading for any successful traders. You should focus on trade management as much as possible throughout the trading session. I have demonstrated about high class trade management & it is practically applicable, reliable, profitable.
Patient traders loot money from impatient traders. During short term trading patience plays very important role. It is better to understand Price Action to become highly profitable trader. Most of the traders use lagging indicators and that is the big problem for them. If you work with Pullback & Scaling Strategy then you can easily understand the Price Action & it will help you for better living.

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PRO Traders always think differently. They use some extraordinary technique which are not in Books. In this channel you will learn how to visualise Price Action differently. This is unique method that I have developed to help common Traders to minimise losses and earn significant amount of money.
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About this video :
This video is made for common traders to help them to overcome Greed & Fear throughout the trading session. It is very very important to understand the profit taking zone. This is simple & superior method to beat those problems.
I have demonstrated in this channel about the prediction of Trend Reversal & Sideways Zone in advance through Pullback & Scaling Fundamental. This is a unique method that I have developed myself for safe trading & I'm sharing with you to help novice traders to minimise losses and earn significant amount of money from stock market.
I used to say to my Traders that "Keep it simple" & "Make it simple". Don't try to complicate the trading method & trading psychology. You should focus more on loosing side rather than winning side. You have to optimise losses & inversely it will affect on profits. Your job is to minimise loss & market's job is to give you return, so don't try to focus on market's job. I hope you understand.
In this video I have demonstrated "How to Trade through PULLBACK-SCALING STRATEGY" and how to understand it in advance through Pullback & Scaling fundamental and it's importance & also how to trade.
To me, the most powerful and safe candles are the QUEEN Candles. If you know Chess Game, then you already understood the power of QUEEN. For that reason I've given the name of these candles are QUEEN Candles. It is very effective and simple.
If you want to be a successful trader, then you have to understand price action differently and you should know these type of candlestick formation. You should make relation with QUEEN Candles, they will make you the KING.. Yeah I'm right.
Visit this channel to know the simplest trading method and I'm sure, after watching some videos you will be shocked & you will going to subscribe this channel also. I do not talk about bookish knowledge, am very much interested about the practical applicable reliable safest trading method and trading psychology,
I have developed simplest pullback-scaling concept, which is applicable for Intraday Trading, as well as Swing Trading.
I prefer 5mins Time Frame for Short Term Trading and here I have presented my method on Bank Nifty & Nifty 50 Index (5 mins chart ). This Trading Method is applicable for all Time Frame.
You must know this unique tactic for whatever you are trading. It is applicable for all Financial Instruments. Try to visualize Price Action differently, the way I see..
If you visualize price action the way I see, it will make you a PRO Trader, you can take quick action and also you can get an idea about the profit taking zone.. This fundamental is also applicable for SWING TRADING.
Common trader's common mistakes during TRADING..:-
1) Trapped by Greed & Fear
2) Judgement by P/L
3) Use of lagging indicators
4) Don't know how to visualize price action deeply & easily
5) Improper trading psychology
6) Do not having structured trading plan

I share the concepts in this youtube channel, how to overcome these problems and how can one think like professional traders to trade successfully in SWING TRADING as well as INTRADAY TRADING..
For beginner it will help you a lot.. Just keep in touch with me..


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