Toulouse School of Management - Bachelor of Science in Global Management

00:00 Intro
01:16 The Pitch
02:44 What is an eCandidature?
05:48 When it comes to applying to the programme you say that the right time may vary depending on the programme. So when is it the best time for a student to apply?
07:03 The programme is entirely taught in English and you welcome Students from all over the world. If English natives are in the same classroom as French natives, does it mean I have to be perfectly bilingual?
08:25 The first year programme contains a lot of Mathematics UE: Probability, Algorithmic, Mathematics for Business... Do I need a scientific background in order to apply?
10:38 We still haven’t mentioned interviews In the admission process, are there any?
12:54 Do I have to apply in year 1 or can I join the TSM Bachelor in Global Management later?
14:15 How many students do you admit?
15:19 The Clichés
18:00 What do you mean by “an innovative pedagogy”?
20:24 Can you walk me through the 3 years of studies? What are the main events within those 3 years?
22:46 Farah, what was your least favorite part?
23:39 You mention that a student can learn outside the classroom. How do you encourage students to learn outside the classroom?
26:54 What kind of job opportunities can one expect after obtaining a Bachelor?
28:42 How has the student life evolved since the pandemic?
30:02 Do you offer any virtual visits of the school for students? How can they get in contact with you?
30:52 Extra Time
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