Total Lean Management (TLM) software is Your Best QMS Choice for Quality Management System Software

Total Lean Management software includes quality management system software modules, plus integration with material management, risk management, ERP, CMMS, and other business workflows so that you can built your digital landscape on a foundation of integrated system to which any other software system can be added to maximize efficiency, integration, and prevent software costs from getting totally out of hand.

As you explore your other software options you will find two categories of QMS software:

The first is expensive, all-inclusive software trying to sell you on a boatload of features most of your users won’t need or use.

The other category is simple, entry level systems trying to take advantage of companies who are feeling overwhelmed at the beginning of their quality management system journey and want you to believe a simple system is all you need.

In contrast, Total Lean Management (TLM) software understands that both are true, and they are true because the nature of a quality management system (QMS) creates two distinct user groups, which TLM calls upstream and downstream users.

Your upstream users will need access to all manner of features to help them organize and manage the full spectrum of interrelated data as they work with procedures, audits, corrective actions, parts and materials, non-conformances, training, and the list goes on and on.

The main TLM application is specifically and uniquely designed using the best rapid development platform on the planet to ensure rapid response times for adding new features in order to keep this user group humming along like a well-oiled machine.

Your downstream users can then use the TLM companion web app to access the output of the upstream users in order to accomplish a wide variety of dashboard tasks, including the features needed for uploading, reviewing, approval and release of draft documents, in addition to dashboard categories from other modules such as deviation approvals.

The TLM web app is where all the hard work of the upstream users can start to make the magic happen for all your downstream users. This can include being able to email vendors who can respond directly into TLM CAPA investigations to address needed information related to containment, root cause, or action plans.

The TLM web app also provides key reporting information such as this real time report of in process inspection data.

This is where the simple to use, easy to navigate web app helps ensure participation and buy in to this critical business system, and unlimited licensing ensures anyone who needs access can get to their information.

In essence you get the best of both worlds so you can wrestle chaos into simplicity and address compliance without compromise, all at entry level price points to appropriately fit your organization's scale of implementation needs.

We would be more than happy to demonstrate how the upstream downstream, dual technology approach to your information needs creates a harmonious landscape for both of your user types. Just click the Request a Demo button anywhere on the web site.
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