Topper aakansha singh की time management tip | neet /jee motivation #shorts #ytshorts #motivation

Topper aakansha singh की time management tip | neet /jee motivation #shorts #ytshorts #motivation

Short & Simple Be Powerful | Best Motivational Video by Om Sharma

A only 24 year old young man (om Sharma ; understanding speaker) who is travelling a journey that is really inspirational not because we are writing but because of his intelligence that he awaken through the his life journey till. And also who read almost all kind of meaningful books educational as well as the books about life, scriptures & many more and most important clarity he gain through the direct and close observation of daily life (mind) & happenings around the world to get absolute clarity in the life to live intelligently. It gives total clarity of life to live joyfully. Now he want to share his wisdom with everybody who wants clarity in every aspect of life as well as education and career. He is known as understanding speaker (also a mystic, business consultant, decision maker entrepreneur, writer and inspirational speaker). Our mission/program is to build the mindset that is absolutely needed in the roller coasters situations of life, also to awaken the intelligence of individual to live and create a beautiful life. Our mission, the real understanding is about creating a real education and work creativity.

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