Top Leadership Traits You Need To Be A Future Leader - Jacob Morgan

In this interview, we discuss the most inspirational leadership traits you need to be a successful future leader. Best-selling author Jacob Morgan shares top leadership & psychology Skills that he has put together in his book, The Future Leader. We talk about the 9 Essential Qualities of All Great Leaders. There are 9 leadership qualities that all great leaders possess. The positive thing is, leadership characteristics can be learned and practiced, making it possible for everyone to become a great leader.

The most inspirational leadership traits as detailed by Jacob Morgan.
Have you got any others from his portfolio of wisdom?
More inspirational leadership insight from Jacob Morgan. Do you know any leaders that display these characteristics? Have you successfully implemented any of Jacob Morgan's leadership and psychology skills at work? Let me know in the comments.
Interview timeline
00:00 how to improve your leadership skills
00:30 Who is Jacob Morgan
02:10 What inspires to write a book on Leadership?
05:50 What is the new definition of leadership?
13:05 Challenges with leadership approach?
16:00 How to measure good leadership?
22:00 How curiosity is important for leaders?
27:20 How to learn new skills?
31:10 Mindsets of a future leader
32:50 Self awareness as a leadership trait
39:30 Leadership in hybrid world
42:15 Leadership vs Management?
42:20 Can AI and technology replace leaders?
47:00 Top leadership skill
48:00 top 3 skills schools are not teaching
49:00 How to write a book?

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