Top 8 Growth Stocks for 2022 | December Portfolio Update

In this video I'll be sharing my $56295 (£41,603) Trading 212 growth investment portfolio and its performance through December and overall in 2021.

In the second portion of the video I'll be discussing my top 8 growth stocks for 2022 including Upstart (UPST), Crowdstrike (CRWD), Cloudflare (NET), Datadog (DDOG), Zscaler (ZS), Snowflake (SNOW), Monday.com (MNDY) and ZoomInfo (ZI).

00:00 Intro and stock performance in 2021
02:03 Datadog (DDOG)
03:16 Monday.com (MNDY)
04:16 Upstart (UPST)
05:43 Zscaler (ZS)
06:37 Snowflake (SNOW)
07:32 ZoomInfo (ZI)
08:08 Cloudflare (NET)
09:10 Crowdstrike (CRWD)
10:46 Closing and the year ahead (2022)

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