Top 6 Million Dollar Franchise Business Ideas for Sales Pro's

Why use your superpower to make someone else rich? Check out these little-known low-cost franchise options for people with sales skills. All of them have sales-pro owners making millions per year!

Most salespeople dream of owning their own business "one day" but they don't know where to start. Just because you are good at sales does not mean you are good at managing, hiring, accounting, inventory, marketing, branding, there is much more to running a business than just sales. So, a franchise is a great option for salespeople as the company trains and supports you in those weak areas, basically giving you a road map on what has worked before with other locations, and you basically just plug in your sales skills. Instead of being paid a small 10% commission as an employee, you'll keep most of your profits, and pay a small, usually single digit royalty to the franchise company for the ongoing support and use of their brand.

there are two main types of sales person friendly franchises. A "one person army" franchise where you work from home with a very flexible, lifestyle friendly schedule, or more complex business models with an office, employees and staff, more infrastructure. Both have million dollar a year salespeople owners in their ranks, so we'll start with a very profitable franchise niche in the "one person army" category.

1. Consulting franchises. There are multiple options in this space, remember the company trains you on the core consulting you will be doing, so prior industry experience is not mandatory, it is your B2B sales and relationship building skills that they are looking for. This type of franchise is all about relationship building and local networking, and building a book of business. If you have existing accounts you'll be ahead of the game. Your investment for these types of franchises ranges between $40,0000 and $60,000 and one company in the space shows annual earnings of top 10% over 1.2m with an average across the board of $230k. We saw one franchise owner recently sell their business for 1.7 million. Keep in mind your overhead and expenses are almost zero as you are in a home office so much of your revenue is profit.

2. If you prefer a business with a bit more infrastructure you will probably be surprised to hear that cleaning franchises are also sales based and can generate over 1 million a year. The owners role has very little to do with cleaning, as you are of course hiring the cleaners, and everything to do with sales. With residential cleaning, you or your rep are going into prospects homes and providing estimates, which is obviously very relational. Some home cleaning franchises generate an average of 1.4 million a year, many locations even more. Investment ranges from $60k to $180k. Another very unique segment, commercial cleaning master franchises are even more sales driven, as you securing commercial cleaning contracts, then selling those contracts to people looking for a side business. You can sell those contracts from $1,000-$10,000 or more. Top franchisees in cleaning master franchises do between 6-7 million a year. Total investment is a bit higher at 160-300k


6. Real estate. There are many franchises in the real estate niche, every one of them requires the owner to be out there selling, building rapport and developing relationships. You can own your own discount real estate brokerage as low as $45,000, and manage a team of realtors. You can have a zero commission private seller Franchise from $60k. There are real estate investing and flipping franchises from $120k, and property management franchises from $70k. There are also recent digital technology franchises that provide value added services to Realtors like drone footage and 3d tours with a low investment of around $60k.

All of the franchises we mentioned not only have million dollar a year owners, they also have franchisees who failed and lost their money. Why? The key to maximizing profit with any franchise is to match your skills, operational abilities and local market demand with the best franchise for your situation. Don't go direct to the franchise call the broker experts at Franchise City we'll help you find the best option for your goals.

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