Top 3 Doors That Need A StoneLock GO!

What are the Top 3 Doors that need a StoneLock GO Facial Biometric Reader?

Yanik Brunet and Greg Harman walk you through their selection.

Trusted Dependable Authentication
Combine StoneLock GO with EntraPass security management software and you have a solution that satisfies companies with the most stringent security protocols. This security solution helps against common security vulnerabilities such as weak PINs, code sharing, propping doors open, etc.

We See People Differently

StoneLock GO features that are changing the face of access control:

• Touchless technology
• StoneLock biometric facial recognition technology doesn't require photos or video stills to verify a user which protects user identity
• Near-infrared technology ensures a consistent experience for all genders, races and skin complexions
• Industry-leading security, speed and accuracy
• Facial biometrics simplified: significantly reduces operational effort to deploy, operate and use
• Unparalleled anti-spoofing, near-infrared technology
• Best-in-class False Acceptance Rate (FAR)
• Seamless integration with EntraPass security management software
• Simple QR-code facial reader programming, enrollment and two-factor authentication process'

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