Top 25 PostgreSQL Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

In this article, we take a look at some of the most common questions in PostgreSQL Interviews for beginners, intermediate and experienced job seekers to ensure that you have the upper hand in your interview and come off as experienced.

Therefore, take your time and go through our carefully crafted answers and think of unique responses where applicable. We will cover only 25 questions, but that does not mean that they are the only ones that you will be asked. Therefore, take some time and think about some additional questions that may pop up during your interview.

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Below are the 25 questions discussed:
1. What Are Some of the Useful Features That PostgreSQL possesses?
2. In Your Experience, What Do You Consider Some of The Disadvantages of PostgreSQL?
3. When Would You Convince Someone To use PostgreSQL?
4. What Do You Understand by Sequence and Connector Libraries In Regards To PostgreSQL?
5. What Are Some of The Instances Where One Should avoid PostgreSQL?
6. What Are Some of The Proven Advantages of PostgreSQL?
7. Can You Confirm That This DBMS Runs on The Cloud Like Other Existing Types?
8. Does This Open Database Have Possess Stored Procedures?
9. How Can You Check Rows That Are Affected in The Previous Part of The Transaction in PostgreSQL?
10. What Do You Understand by Indexes in PostgreSQL?
11. What Do You Understand by Multi-Version Concurrency Control in PostgreSQL?
12. What Do You Understand by Ctid and pgadmin is PostgreSQL?
13. In Your Experience. What Do You Consider Some of The Advantages of Multi-version Control?
14. What Do You Understand by Full Test Search, and Is It Supported by This Database?
15. Differentiate GiST and BRIN indexes in PostgreSQL
16. Could You Please Explain What Functions Are in PostgreSQL?
17. Could You Please Tell Us Some of The Functionalities of PostgreSQL?
18. How Can One Perform Queries Using Multiple Databases?
19. Can One Create a Shared Storage PostgreSQL Server Cluster?
20. What Do You Understand by The Triggers?
21. What Do You Know About String Constants, Given Your Time Dealing with PostgreSQL?
22. From Your Experience, Could You Please Tell Us Some of The Enhancements to The Straights Relational Data Model by This Database? Also, Mention The Data Types Used in PostgreSQL
23. How Can One Update Stats in PostgreSQL?
24. What is a CTID?
25. What Does the Error Memory Exhausted in Allocsetalloc()?
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