Top 20 Operations Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

We have compiled the top 20 Operations Manager interview questions that might be asked in an interview to test various aspects of skills, with tips and a sample answer for each of them. These operation management interview questions will help employers to assess whether each candidate has the required knowledge and experience in operations management.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1. Tell Us Briefly About Yourself And What Inspires You To Become An Operations Manager
2. Are You An Easy-Going Manager Or You Adopt A Firm Approach Towards Managing Operations And People?
3. What Was Most Displeasing About The Management In Your Previous Job?
4. What Ways Can You Use To Measure The Success Of Your Team?
5. If We Hire You As Our Operations Manager, What Will You Do First As A Newly Appointed Manager?
6. Tell Us About A Time You Failed As A Manager And What You Learned From That Experience
7. How Can An Operations Manager Monitor Team Performance?
8. As An Operations Manager, What Will You Do If A Member Of Your Team Is Performing Poorly?
9. How Would You Delegate Tasks And Responsibilities?
10. What Roles Do Operations Manager Perform Every Day?
11. What Qualities Should An Operations Manager Possess?
12. Describe The Daily To Day Routine Of Operations Managers?
13. Differentiate Leadership From Management
14. In Five Years’ Time, What Kind Of An Operations Manager Will You Be?
15. When Have You Used Your Initiative To Solve A Team Management Issue Or Problem?
16. As An Operations Manager, How Can You Motivate Your Team To Attain The Strategic Objectives?
17. During Your Previous Assignment, What Frustrating Experience Did You Have During Your Daily Routine And How Did You Address It?
18. Which Extreme Challenge Did You Come Across During Your Last Role And How Did You Solve It?
19. Some Employees Stick To Old Procedures And Become Very Resistant To Change. How Would You Inspire Such People To Adopt Change?
20. Which Area Of This Role Do You Consider Most Challenging And How Can You Address It?
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