Top 20 Business Development Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

When it comes to hiring a business development manager, you need to get an individual with a skillset that matches your needs. Here are the top 20 business development manager interview questions and answers to help you assess the skills and experience of your candidates.

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Below are the 20 questions discussed:
1. Introduce Yourself and Tell Us Why You Want to Become a Business Development Manager
2. Why Do You Want to Work With Our Company as a Business Development Manager?
3. As a Business Development Manager, How Do Your Co-Workers Describe You?
4. As a Business Development Manager, What is Your Viewpoint of Management?
5. How Would You Deal With an Employee Who is Performing His Job Inefficiently?
6. How Do You Ensure That Your Employees Stay Motivated?
7. What are the Roles Performed by a Business Development Manager?
8. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?
9. As a Business Development Manager, Describe How a Typical Day Would Look Like
10. What Qualities Should a Business Development Manager Have?
11. What Will You Do if a Client Requests For a Particular Feature That You Don’t Have?
12. As a Business Development Manager, What Kinds of KPIs Do You Follow?
13. How Can You, as a Business Development Manager, Help to Guide the Overall Business?
14. Who Should Business Development Managers Speak to Often to Facilitate their Roles?
15. How Do You Stay Up to Date in This Industry?
16. How Do You Measure Success as a Manager?
17. If You Found Two Employees In Your Department Quarrelling, How Would You Deal With The
18. In Your Previous Job, What was Most Displeasing about Management?
19. If You are Hired, What One Thing Will You Do as a Newly Appointed Manager?
20. Describe a Time You Failed as a Manager and the Lesson You Learned From Your Failure
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