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Here are Top 15 most important concepts you need to keep in mind before your next technical interview, from the Googler Aanshul Sadaria (SWE III, Google) himself. Check out free masterclasses by industry-leading experts. Click here: https://www.scaler.com/events?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=osocial&utm_campaign=brand_scaler_events_osocial_youtube_most-important-coding-concepts-for-tecnical-interviews&utm_content=YTDescription

What is a Programming language?
Programmers create software programmes, scripts, and other sets of instructions for computers to follow using a programming language.

Who is a Programmer?
Programmers write, test, and maintain programmes using programming languages. Additionally, a programmer's duties include identifying bugs, correcting errors, and debugging problems. These individuals need to be detail-oriented, have a creative mindset, and be proficient in a number of programming languages.

What is Software Engineering?
Software engineering is a branch of computer science that focuses on the design and development of computer systems and application software.
Software engineers are experts in programming languages, software development, and operating systems and they use engineering principles to create software.

Who are Software Engineers?
Software engineers are experts in programming languages and software development, and they use engineering techniques to produce software.



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