Top 12 Tips for Marketing to Consumers from CMOs | Connections with Sarah Franklin | Salesforce

CMOs share their top tips for how you can market to your consumers on Connections with Sarah Franklin. Interested in seeing the full episodes? You can watch the full series for FREE on Salesforce+ right now:

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Connections: CMOs are saying “so long” to long-standing marketing playbooks. See how they’re shaking things up in this digital-first world. Join Salesforce President and CMO, Sarah Franklin, as she chats with digital leaders about how to create more powerful connections with your customers.

00:00 - Tip #1: Focus on human to human connection
00:20 - Tip #2: Deepen the connection between brand and consumer
00:36 - Tip #3: Remember the "3 C's"
01:05 - Tip #4: Unite around one marketing organization
01:47 - Tip #5: Create personalized experiences
02:35 - Tip #6: Get to know product management
03:02 - Tip #7: Fail fast and learn from data
03:36 - Tip #8: Metaverse will allow for hyper-targeted personalization
04:18 - Tip #9: Lead by informing where marketing is going
04:45 - Tip #10: Assemble the right team
05:15 - Tip #11: Diversity is key
05:55 - Tip #12: Strive for television-quality storytelling

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