Top 12 Things to Do Differently - Especially in the New Year

At the start of the year, it is customary to look forward and think about what you want to change. Many people will advise you to think about your goals for the year and to set yourself objectives for what you want to achieve. It's good advice.

I want to focus on something different: what can give you a better, happier, more successful life in 2022? Here are 12 changes you can make. When you do things differently, you will get different results. Have a go.

1. The Felicity Factor: Be happy
2. Be Generous: It repays the giver
3. Follow your Passion: Look for work that gives you joy
4. Say "NO" more Often: Noble Objection
5. Delegate Outcomes rather than tasks: Trust your team
6. Make more Time for Relaxing: Recharge your batteries
7. Read more Widely: Breadth as well as depth
- see my video on T Shaped people
8. Remember Names: It's a sign of respect
9. Listen more Carefully: And so much will be better
10. Improve your Diet: 'Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.'
11. Be Optimistic: Being wrong occasionally seems a small price to pay
12. Be Grateful: "If only...' is a route to misery

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