Top 100 Games of All Time 2021 Edition - From 70 to 61

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It's top 100 time! The most exciting time of the year! Where we arbitrarily decide what our favorite games are and shout them to the world! But in all seriousness, I really like this process. What I find most interesting is when I rank games higher than games that are rated higher, e.g. ranking a 4 as being preferred to a game that I rated a does happen and it forces me to question what my priorities are in gaming. In any case, this has gone on long enough...let's start this bad boy off.

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0:00:00 - Introduction
0:00:29 - Ranking Methodology
0:01:28 - Some Details About These 10
0:01:42 - Air, Land & Sea: Critters At War
0:03:44 - Sheriff of Notingham
0:06:36 - Resident Evil 3
0:10:01 - Valeria: Card Kingdoms
0:12:50 - Istanbul
0:15:25 - Tribune
0:18:22 - Lancaster
0:21:38 - Maglev Metro
0:23:44 - The Great Wall
0:27:54 - Pandemic Legacy
0:33:15 - Wrapping Up

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