Top 10 Board Games of 2022

WOW what another huge year of game releases! We've had so much fun playing these 2022 titles and have loved sharing & discussing many of these titles with you all over the last year.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Amy’s #10
03:48 Maggie’s #10
06:09 Amy’s #9
08:31 Maggie’s #9
11:14 Amy’s #8
16:06 Maggie’s #8
20:04 Amy’s #7
24:35 Maggie’s #7
27:37 Amy’s #6 is skipped as it’s higher on Maggie’s list
27:47 Maggie’s #6
30:33 Amy’s #5
34:26 Maggie’s #5
36:31 Amy’s #4
39:49 Maggie’s #4
42:45 Amy’s #3
46:04 Maggie’s #3
50:54 Amy & Maggie’s #2
55:43 Amy’s #1
01:00:00 Maggie’s #1 & Amy’s #6
01:04:47 Outro

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