Tips on Building a Successful Structural Engineering Career

In this video, Roger Kodsi, P.Eng, a structural engineer at The Engineering Company Ltd, talks about the value of fieldwork, the impact of company size on personal growth, and the importance of setting clear goals. #StructuralEngineeringSuccess #FieldworkMatters #ProfessionalDevelopment

***You can view the show notes for this video here ➡️ https://bit.ly/TSECEp106

0:00 Intro
0:56 Sponsor PPI
1:57 Roger’s Professional Career Overview
4:44 From Office to Field: Unveiling Structural Engineering Work Dynamics
7:27 How Fieldwork in Structural Engineering Elevates Knowledge and Communication Skills
9:40 Pros and Cons of Big vs. Small Engineering Firms
12:15 Unveiling the Dynamics and Management Styles in Different Types of Engineering Companies
17:02 Advice for Engineers on Adapting to a New Work Environment
19:51 The Power of Defined Goals in Structural Engineering
23:26 Pivotal Moments That Transformed Roger’s Structural Engineering Journey
26:27 Accountability, Focus, and Goal Achievement Tips for Young Professionals
28:55 Advice for Mid-Career Engineers Pursuing Advancement and Success
35:47 Outro

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