Tips for Dealing with Leadership Dysfunction

Are you among the 75% of employees that consider their direct manager to be the worst part of their job? If so, it will come as no surprise to you that dysfunctional leadership behavior is to blame for some of the biggest problems facing organizations today.

When they’re allowed to operate without consequence, unchecked, and uncorrected, dysfunctional leaders’ bad habits can cause trouble to spread like a disease through an entire organization. But it’s important to remember, rarely do these leaders intend to cause the type of damage that they do. With the proper resources, training, and practice, even the most dysfunctional leader can become a powerful, inspiring, organizationally aligned superstar.

Here’s what needs to be done to combat leadership dysfunction: recognize who is participating in the dysfunction, find out which levels of the organization it is existing at, and then do something to counter it.

Watch this video to learn more about what you can do to counter dysfunction in your organization (regardless of your position!)

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