Tips for CLEANEST Wire Management! (Sleeving, Fastening)

Good clean cable management can improve any project (and it soothes OCD real well, too). DIY electronics, home audio, gaming computers, cosplay - all look better when the wires are nice and neat. Here are some good tips to make your surroundings look much more aesthetic!!

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0:00 - Why Wire Manage
0:26 - Organizing with Velcro
0:53 - Zipties
1:18 - Braided Sleeving
2:00 - Shrink Tubes
2:33 - Fabric Sleeves
2:49 - Ribbon Cables
3:19 - Fastening To Surfaces

Here's the cables and items that I showed in the video:

Cable Velcro Spool/Roll:

Velcro straps:

Velcro tape for cables (wide):

Black Zip Ties:

Colored Zip Ties:

Extra Long Zip Ties:

Black Cable Sleeving:

Colored Cable Sleeving:

More Colored Sleeving (Purple, orange, etc.):

Shrink Tube Set:

Adhesive Shrink Tube Set (good for terminating sleeving):

Black Silicone Ribbon Cable

RGBW color coded Ribbon Cable


Flush cutters:

Wire Strippers:

My badass soldering station, FYI:

Also, I have a website:

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