Tip of the Day for Single Moms of Faith by Dr. Chanel Serano: How to Develop your God-Identity!

Welcome to Tip of the Day for Single Moms of Faith by Dr. Chanel! Before we can engage in conversations of parenting & leadership styles, parenting relationships, let's return to the foundation: GOD-IDENTITY! Who are you in Him? In this week's tips, I: 1) Define God-Identity; 2) Differentiate between God-Identity and the Roles we play; 3) How to Develop & Strengthen God-Identity- Prayer, Fasting, Journaling, Mentorship, & Fellowship. Comment, Like, Share, and Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, my YouTube channel all under Dr. Chanel A. Serano.

Tip of the Day for Single Moms of Faith by Dr. Chanel Serano where I give brief & easy tools on leadership, parenting, entrepreneurship, faith, God-identity, God-designed purpose, and more for today's Solo Parent. I'm the Published Author of CoParenting with Christ: 9 Steps to Achieving Harmony (book & workbook), single moms Ministry Leader, Blog Content Creator for Doing Life with Christ, Founder of Esther's Daughters LLC, Single Mom, Helping Profession (adjunct instructor, social work, therapy, counseling, case management) for over 24 years with my current position being in the leadership capacity. I absolutely have a love and passion for my fellow single mommas so my content is geared towards moms and organizations who serves single moms, moms, and families!

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